That History Bloke - Summer Activities 2014

Find out how to have fun with the family this summer!


With thanks to my friends in Bill Quay Farm, Darlington Head of Steam Railway Museum and The Great North Museum (The Hancock) for their support.

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Head of Steam, Darlington Railway Museum

Time Travel Tuesdays!

Every Tuesday, That History Bloke will be leading historical arts and crafts at Darlington's Head of Steam Railway Museum.

29th July - Egyptians
Make hieroglyphic bookmarks on REAL papyrus! Also, dig up some artefacts and learn how archaeologists record their fascinating finds. Can you help to preserve the mummy?

5th August - Romans
Try on some Roman armour and try and form a testudo! Play with and make Roman games such as dice, tic-tac-toe and knucklebones.
Finish off by designing a Roman pot...

12th August - Anglo Saxons
Make your own real beeswax candles to write by night in the style of Anglo Saxon monks! Learn how Anglo Saxon monks communicated and guess the mystery objects they used. Can you work out your name in runes?

19th August - Tudors
Secret messages to be passed - can you crack the code? Make ink and see quill pens being made. Beautiful Tudor designs and amazing costumes...

26th August - Victorians
Toys, toys, toys! Have a go at making thaumatropes and zoetropes - two brilliant optical toys - you won't believe your eyes! Dress up as miners, washer women and even hold real artefacts from the time.

The Museum will charge usual rates for entry, but all my activities will be free once you are inside! Just drop in - sessions run from 10.30 - 12.30 and

1.00 -3.00. I look forward to seeing you...


The Great North Museum (Hancock), Newcastle

Egyptian Tile Painting!

Saturday 16th August

Have a go at painting a tile using hieroglyphs and the museum's own amazing collection as inspiration. Pharaohs, mummies, scarabs and pyramids - what you use is up to you... The tiles you paint can be taken home and baked to make a permanent souvenir of your visit. No booking necessary, just drop in from 10.00. Great fun for adults and children!

£3 cost per tile - look for me in the Egyptian gallery...